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Bilingual Parenting Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

Curious to hear about what it's like for other families raising bilingual kids? In this episode, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Daniela and Jon Perieda from Bilingual Family to hear about their language journey as a couple, and now together with their little ones as a family. We talk about what they thought was going to be their bilingual parenting strategy and what it ended up turning into. We also talk about language acquisition for adults, for parents, like Jon, who are learning the target language alongside their kids -- make sure you listen out for what Jon claims is his number one way for learning language -- and oh man, so. much. more!

Daniela Perieda is an author, TedTalk presenter, and founder of Bilingual Family which is a Spanish immersion program in Oklahoma City. She believes wholeheartedly that teachers and families play an important role in the development of the WHOLE child, and specifically as it relates to language learning, she knows that language is passed on through play and meaningful relationships. You ready to listen in on the conversation? Me too! Let’s go!

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