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Bilingual Parenting Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Do you implement Montessori principles at home? Have you been reflecting on how they intersect with bilingual child rearing? We have!

Maria Montessori herself denoted the time from birth to six years of age as the sensitive period for language, so we know there’s a relationship there!

Join us for the second part of our conversataion with Jon and Daniela Perieda about raising bilingual kids. While we are by no means experts on Montessori, the three of us do incorporate many of the principles in our homes (Daniela & Jon particularly) and you’ll hear us chat about what this looks like in our every day lives.

Listen in on how important principles like following the child, observation, nature, focus, and learning in context play into raising bilingual children.

Daniela Perieda is an author, TedTalk presenter, and founder of Bilingual Family which is a Spanish immersion program in Oklahoma City. She believes wholeheartedly that teachers and families play an important role in the development of the WHOLE child, and specifically as it relates to language learning, she knows that language is passed on through play and meaningful relationships. You ready to listen in on the conversation? Me too! Let’s go!

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