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Bilingual Parenting Podcast

Jun 3, 2021

In this episode we have the honor of sitting down with the fantastic musical duo 123Andres to talk all about the importance of music in language learning. How can families raising bilingual kids use music in their homes to foster a love for language learning, and hopefully beyond that, a love for the cultures that music represents? And what role do we, as parents, play in this? Christina's answer to that last question had me almost in tears! You do not want to miss it!

Christina & Andres (known as 123Andres) are a musician-educator duo, passionate about blending music, language, culture, and education. They believe strongly that music goes beyond just notes on a page; music is connects us on a deep, emotional level. 123Andres now has more than 7 albums with music in both Spanish and English, lots of incredible videos on YouTube, and now even books as well! "Hola, Amigo" and "Diez Pajaritos" are two beautifully illustrated books that both have a corresponding song. Their most recent third book (Sept 2021) is all about community helpers, called "Mi Comunidad." Oh, and did we mention that they are Latin Grammy award winners as well?! Whew, we can't say enough good things about these two, why don't you see for yourself? Can't wait for your to tune in!

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