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Bilingual Parenting Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Do you implement Montessori principles at home? Have you been reflecting on how they intersect with bilingual child rearing? We have!

Maria Montessori herself denoted the time from birth to six years of age as the sensitive period for language, so we know there’s a relationship there!

Join us for the second part of...

Apr 14, 2021

Curious to hear about what it's like for other families raising bilingual kids? In this episode, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Daniela and Jon Perieda from Bilingual Family to hear about their language journey as a couple, and now together with their little ones as a family. We talk about what they...

Apr 7, 2021

In this episode we talk in depth about three common myths about bilingualism and bilingual kids. Is there any truth to these myths, or are they big and bad and need to STOP being spread?

Can one be a perfectly balanced bilingual? Does bilingualism cause delays? Can kids learn an unlimited amount of languages?

Tune in to...